Family Law Attorney, Bellevue, WA

When Experience Counts

When you need help; when you need an advocate; when you need to know what your options are and where you go from here: you need an experienced, trial-tested attorney. I have been handling divorce, personal injury, and family law cases in King County and Snohomish County for fifteen years. Call me for a free consultation. Tel : 425-709-6762

King County and Snohomish County Divorce Attorney

Hansen Law Group is a divorce law firm, providing experienced, aggressive divorce and family law representation in King County and Snohomish County. Our clients range from Bellevue north to Lynnwood and Everett; from North Bend to Medina. Our cases range from complex, traumatic divorces to amicable, uncontested divorces. Wherever your family law case falls, you can be assured of competent, responsive representation.

Your goal is our goal: to win your case, at the lowest possible cost. While we believe strongly in mediation, our  tactics and strategy are always oriented towards winning your case.

Divorce Free Consultation

Each divorce and family law matter is unique. Your case has its own set of facts that drive how it should be handled. Reading information on the Web only goes so far. To get a good evaluation of your situation, and what you should be doing, you need to talk to an experienced attorney.

We offer a confidential, free divorce consultation, over the phone or in person.  If any of these (or any of the issues below) apply to you, you might want to contact us:

  • Are you thinking of divorce?
  • Are you in the middle of a divorce now?
  • Do you know what’s going on with your case?
  • Are you winning your case?

If you have questions – and who doesn’t? – contact us!

Knowledge and Experience

During the last fifteen years, we have represented literally hundreds of clients in King County divorces and Snohomish County divorces and family law actions, including cases involving:

    • Divorces and meretricious relationships
    • High tech (Microsoft/Amazon/Google) divorces
    • Family Law Mediation
    • Uncontested divorces and low cost divorces
    • Contested child custody
    • Father’s Rights
    • Parenting plans
    • Relocation
    • Property and debt distribution
    • Spousal maintenance
    • Domestic Violence, Drug and Alcohol Issues
    • Washington Restraining Orders and Protective Orders
    • Child support
    • Post Secondary Support (College Support)
    • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
    • QDRO (Retirement plan) distributions
    • Complex property and financial issues such as stock options, business valuations, tax issues, real estate investments and partnerships, executive compensation and benefits, retirement and pension valuations

Low Cost Divorce and Uncontested Divorce

Some – perhaps many – divorces are amicable. Those are the least stressful, least expensive, and fast divorces. (For example: you can finalize your divorce 90 days after filing and service – if you have everything agree; otherwise it can take up to a year.) If you have a good idea of how you are dividing things; if you want the divorce pleadings done properly, quickly, and completely, I have the perfect, cost-effective divorce package for you.


Mediation is an important part of every family law case in King County and Snohomish County. Even if you are doing your own divorce, the courts require that you and the other party go to mediation before trial.  As an experienced family law attorney, and trial lawyer, I bring both extensive experience and people skills to mediation.  Mediation in my office is inexpensive, and many times resolves the case, without the expense of trial. I do mediation with or without attorneys, for both King and Snohomish Counties. If you are trying to get your case settled, call me! I can help.